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Single Viewer On-Demand: Cord Blood- Where Are We 30 Years On? (Anniversary of the First Transplant (1988))
September 6, 2018 To September 6, 2020
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On-Demand recording of the AABB complimentary eCast, "Cord Blood - Where Are We 30 Years On? (Anniversary of the First Transplant (1988))” held on September 6, 2018.

After registering, you will receive an automated email that contains a link to the video. Please keep the email and/or bookmark the video link for future use and reference. This video will not be available on the AABB Education Website.

2018 marks the 30-year anniversary of the first cord blood transplant. What better way than to include in a celebration of World Cord Blood Day? In this program, speakers will:

  • Review the end to end manufacturing process including collection, processing, testing and storage methods.
  • Discuss current clinical trials and applications of cord blood.
  • Highlight new opportunities - what the future holds for the industry.

This AABB eCast is part of worldwide celebrations aimed to educate health care professionals and members of the general public on the potential benefits of life-saving cord blood.

Please note: Continuing education credit and certificates of attendance will not be provided for the on-demand recording.

  • List Price: Free

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