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Relationship Testing 1.0 – Print and Digital

Relationship Testing 1.0 – Print and Digital

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Relationship Testing 1.0 – Print and Digital
  • Relationship Testing 1.0
  • Relationship Testing 1.0 – Digital
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Back to Relationship Testing 1.0 – Print and Digital

This bundle includes two great ways to access this valuable resource: print and digital.

“One day, a resident called me to say that his wife had just delivered a baby. I congratulated him, but his response was immediate and unhappy: ‘Not so fast! Tell me if two people who are blood type O can have a type A baby.’ I mumbled something about the Bombay blood group, but we both knew the truth.” So begins this primer on relationship testing—a methodology used in paternity testing, immigration cases, and mass casualty events—written by a respected expert in the field.

Automation in the laboratory has enabled rapid and accurate test results, with computers processingthe calculations for relationship probabilities. Unfortunately, these advances have come at the expense of our understanding of the testing logic that underlies those results. This concise text fills the gap in the current literature by providing a fundamental explanation of relationship testing in easily understood terms. Chapters address the basic science, how statistics are used, how the logic of relationship testing evolved, the types of testing used for paternity, and testing for other blood relatives. Suggested readings and a helpful glossary are included.

Authored by Robert E. Wenk, MD, MShGEN

(AABB, 2018, soft cover, 184 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-966-0 and AABB, 2018, digital)

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