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Introduction to Molecular Immunohematology - Print

Introduction to Molecular Immunohematology - Print

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This book is for those who are learning about and working in the field of transfusion medicine and red cell genotyping, particularly those who are working or training as laboratory staff, supervisors, or physicians. The book covers the basics of red cell genetics and how molecular testing is used in the clinical setting. It connects the test performed to the genes, to the expressed phenotype, and to its relevance in clinical transfusion medicine. It should be a useful tool for evaluating patients who may benefit from blood group genetic testing and for interpretation of genotype results.

For both hospitals and blood suppliers, obtaining an extended antigen profile for 20 or more blood group antigens with a single genotyping assay can aid antibody identification and selection of antigen-matched blood components, particularly for patients with multiple and/or rare antibodies. Blood group genotyping provides a reliable method of in-depth, precise, and efficient prediction of phenotypes. It has become a critical tool in many clinical settings.

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Back to Introduction to Molecular Immunohematology - Print

When molecular testing was first introduced, it was performed in laboratories that were specialized, usually in immunohematology reference labs (IRLs) staffed by experienced immunohematologists. Because of its advanced precision, molecular testing is now used in a wider array of facilities. Many technologists who now have access to this technology were not trained in molecular test methods and do not understand how to interpret the results. The instruction they need is available only if they read all of the journal articles that were originally published on molecular testing.

The book is an approachable guide to molecular testing as it relates to blood banking and Immunohematology. Methods are discussed, allele tables explained, and nuances taught, so that the reader will better understand and use the resources that are available. It is also a consolidated reference that supervisors or medical directors can refer to if they want to check the interpretation of a report from an IRL. SBB students or pathology residents studying for exams will find it a useful tool as well.


  • Molecular immunohematology basics
  • Concepts and terminology in blood group genetics
  • Methods for red cell genotyping
  • “Simple” blood group systems
  • Complex blood group systems
  • Resolution of discordances
  • Applications for red cell genotyping
  • Looking to the future

By Sunitha Vege, MS; Michael Gannett, MLS(ASCP)CMSBBCM; Meghan Delaney, DO, MPH

Foreword by Tony Casina, MT(ASCP)SBB

AABB Press, 2020, softcover illus, 151 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-365-1

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